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You seem to be using a non-Microsoft browser. This means that we need to just check something with you before you continue to the University's search pages. We should only need to ask you this once.

We have set the search engine up so that any pages which appear in the results which need users to log in are hidden from external users - to do this we require that visitors who want to see all of the University's pages are logged into the system. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows PC within the University network, then all this happens without you noticing. Unfortunately, for everyone else the system will ask you to enter your University network login (for most people it will look like: cc\username and your password).

What you need to decide now is if you want to be automatically directed to the external version of the search engine which won't ever prompt you for your username and password, or if you want to be directed to the full search engine and are happy to log in each time.

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